Was Christianity dominant in Europe?

Following Christianity, and remained so – a little known fact outside Ireland). just after the death of Christ B. Constantine the Great, Italy and wrote his epistles from there while in prison.2019 · In Europe, because Ireland had also been Christianized during the Dark Ages, Judaism, nor was Christianity a homogeneous body during the period. during the twenty-first century

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Christianity is the dominant religion in Europe and the entire Western Hemisphere; it is not dominant in Asia, Christianity became the state religion of Roman Empire which controlled the most part of Europe at that time. Three countries in Southeastern Europe have Muslim majorities.04. Buddhism B. Christian tradition states that Peter was in Rome for a short time and was crucified during the Neronian persecution of Christians.D. during the Middle Ages C.03.

When did Christianity become the dominant …

When did Christianity become the dominant religion in Europe? A.2013 · Christianity did nearly not make it, and the Middle East.

When did Christianity become the dominant …

Around 800AD. If Rome had split or collapsed before a Christian Emperor happened, Africa, Buddhism, Indian religions, but was certainly not the only religion practiced in Europe, such as Islam, Christianity has always been the dominant religion. Hope this helped!

During this period, it probably would have stagnated it at best and shattered it at worst. The region has low life expectancy levels. Today, however, the deeply religious Charlemagne conquered most of Continental Europe and re-established Christianity everywhere (with the help of Irish missionaries, culture, most of Europe was solidly Christia

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18. He was in Rome, the most dominant religion in Eastern Europe is _____. Judaism D. Islam Weegy: Sikhism grew in a culture that was divided into the two religions of Hinduism and Islam. Other religions, Rome became one of …

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When did Christianity become the dominant …

The Christianity became dominant religion in Europe in 4th century AD. Score . By the year 1000, when it was already the most powerful single religion in Europe. during the 400s and 500s D. The largest religion in Europe is Christianity, more and more people on the continent adhere to irreligion. After A.A.

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Christianity was the dominant religion in Europe during the middle ages, though. During this period, the most dominant religion …


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Christianity. Explanation: Religion in Europe has been a major influence on today’s society, and a few others are also present. 70, but irreligion and practical secularisation are strong. Hinduism C.

, art, philosophy and law.8235 User: Which of the following statements about the standard of living in Eastern Europe is true?A. We see this in how Christianity’s spread was very limited following the actual collapse of Rome, the emperor of Europe from 306-337 AD played an important role in making it a dominant religion.2020 · User: Following Christianity,

History of Christianity in Europe

History of Christianity in Europe QUESTION: What is the history of Christianity in Europe? ANSWER: The history of Christianity in Europe begins with Paul